Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Soul Retrieval is a beautiful & gentle, nurturing Therapy. Many people have suffered soul loss, due to having been through the wars, having suffered & struggled & just kept on going for so long. Going through traumatic incidents can incur a loss of soul, as, for example, if the client has had a car crash in the past, some of the soul, literally leaves the body, in order not to be hit by the impact, to be kept safe, for the time when it may return.

The practitioner goes on a shamanic journey, in a trance state & retrieves as much of the soul that has been lost by the client, as can be returned for that treatment session. Sometimes people have been through so much trauma, that it can involve a gradual process of parts of the soul returning bit by bit, gently & gradually, because all aspects of the being have to heal & readjust & process the changes naturally, which can’t be hurried, but can be enjoyed, as swiftly as possible.

Experiencing Soul Retrieval is a wonderful feeling, a fulfilling sense of wholeness & completion returning to the self, the ability to feel you just have the most lovely vibe & the beautiful relief of anxiety slipping away & being replaced by soothing warmth & love is well worthwhile.

shamanic soul retrieval with Royal Therapy


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